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The key to a successful treatment is taking a detailed medical history, which covers the physical and emotional state, followed by a detailed examination including the structural level, organs and fluid level.

Both aspects (medical history and examination) then result in a diagnosis and a consideration of the problems’ origin and the treatment plan.

Here are some common indications for an osteopathic treatment (although it has to be said again, that osteopathy does not only work for special symptoms but is always addressing the whole body and mind). This is not a complete list of indications. Please feel free to get in contact with me in case you are not sure whether an osteopathic treatment will be able to help you.

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If you book an appointment with me, the whole time (up to an hour) will be entirely reserved for you. This means if you do not show up, not only this time will be dearly missed in my schedule as I always have people desperately waiting for an appointment, but also it is scheduled work time that does not get paid and costs practice rent. You can compare it with booking a hotel room or a flight. Therefore following rules apply for every booked appointment:

Cancellation rules- please read carefully: In case you cannot make it to your appointment for whatever reason, please make sure you cancel the day before (24hrs prior to your appointment), so someone else gets the chance to take your place. I keep a waiting list with people who will be happy about someone else canceling. If you do not cancel at all or less than 24hrs prior to the appointment, you can be charged for the full price. In case you miss your appointments twice without cancellation Unfortunately you cannot be rescheduled, neither will you if you missed your first appointment without giving notice.

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